Privacy & Security

your peace of mind

NetWrkx holds your privacy in the highest regard and we are committed to providing you the privacy you deserve. We take every reasonable precaution to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

Any nonpublic information we collect from our customers will only be disclosed to those entities that are working directly with NetWrkx. This information will only be disclosed only as needed to facilitate transactions and fulfill services requests by our customers. We restrict access to personal information to only those employees and partners who must use the information to provide services to you. We provide secure electronic and procedural safeguards to ensure the privacy of our customers and require these safeguards from our partners.

Online Security

NetWrkx employs a layered approach for security. By establishing a series of barriers, we can delegate or restrict access to resources for authorized persons and prohibit access to unauthorized intruders.

Layer I, Physical Access Defense

All servers that are part of the WAN infrastructure are physically secured in locked areas with only designated personnel allowed access.

Layer II, Perimeter Defense

External connection points to the Internet have additional security in the form of a hardware firewall and a Barracuda Spam Filter/Firewall. These firewalls control all access to and from the Internet. All requests to and from the Internet are scrutinized and logged by the Firewalls and suspicious traffic is blocked. The traffic that is allowed in and out through the firewall is tighly controlled.

Layer III, User Access Control

Accesses to resources on the network are controlled by the workstation and network operating system. Individual user rights, group rights and file level access controls are determined according to each individuals function. We create departmental user groups according to functions and assigns users to specific groups to ensure each user only has access to what they need.